Is Your Inbox Distracting You from Your Goals?

How do you process what’s coming in so you can focus on accomplishing the tasks that help you achieve your strategies and goals?

I noticed recently that my inbox has taken over my life. It is an inefficient to do list that I have to constantly mine to find out what tasks I’m missing. And it is a constant nuisance that interrupts any flow I’ve achieved on a critical task. Determined to overcome this monster, I’ve found myself mildly obsessed with implementing Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero. I was finally able to get all my inboxes to zero. But there’s a huge catch. And this catch caused me to fail to reach the empty inbox twice in the last three years. I’d get the inboxes empty… and then they’d slowly fill up again because I didn’t have a consistent, easy-to-remember and implement way of catching all my tasks.

But a month ago I discovered the full power of Evernote. And combined it with my 20 Mile March technique.

There are a lot of great videos and articles out there for optimizing Evernote, including those by Evernote Scott, Michael Hyatt, and Carson Samson. If you’ve been looking for a way to organize your digital life, check out those links and find a process that works for you. Then tie those processes to action.

Evernote is awesome, but the key to my success is consistently setting aside time at the beginning of every work day to review my overall strategy and project goals, process my inboxes and Evernote actions, and develop a plan of action for the day.

What process do you use to stay on course?

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