My Daily 20 Mile March

Have you heard of the Amundson vs Scott epic battle royale to see who would be first to the South Pole? If you haven’t read Great by Choice by Jim Collins where he describes the 20 Mile March, here’s the super condensed summary:

Two men walk into a bar… sorry, wrong story.

Two men start off with their teams to reach the south pole at about the same time. Amundson’s team does 20 miles every day no matter how horrific or splendid the Arctic weather is. Scott’s team decides to push really hard on the beautiful days and bunker down for the bad days. Now, there are a lot of other really bad choices Scott makes, but ultimately Amundson’s team makes it there first and then back… and Scott’s team doesn’t make it back.

There are a lot of morals to be taken from the story; however, the message that changed the way I do business is the 20 mile march. I found that a well thought out strategy combined with consistent action will get me to my goal no matter how big the obstacles are.

If you are looking to effectively implement a consistent strategy, I’d recommend doing these 4 activities every morning before you even open your email:

  • Review through your meetings for the day, notes you took yesterday, and yesterday’s action list.
  • Review your ongoing projects to uncover the tasks that will move you closer to your goals today.
  • Fill out a daily strategy and priorities list to structure your day for action.
  • Take 1 hour of critical action every morning. During this hour, I do the most important, most valuable tasks for the day. Sometimes this is writing or research, and sometimes it is marketing or identifying new opportunities. Whatever the tasks, make sure the hour you’re the freshest remains uninterrupted and dedicated to developing your business.

What other actions keep you marching towards your goal?

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